Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie Skills (DBPS)

As per surveys conducted to assess requirement of trained bakery and patisserie professionals in the areas for the food sector, it has been established there is greater demand for skilled manpower in these areas. All food sector organizations be it a hotel, restaurant, bakery or fast food outlet, resorts, railways, airlines, cruise liners and other allied industries, require trained personnel to man their operations.

Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts offers a short 1 year Diploma program in the Bakery and Patisserie Skills and equips students with knowledge and basic skills required to work in professional Bakery and Patisserie.

Students successfully completing these courses can join any of the food sector organizations mainly at entry level as bakers or pastry assistants or kitchen assistants, etc.

Survey of the Bakery and Patisserie Industry revels that there is huge demand for trained bakery and patisserie professionals to work in this industry.

The course is divided in to two semesters of twenty weeks each. The academic and practical semester of twenty weeks is followed by twenty weeks of Industrial Training and there will be a Raw material factory visit & commercial bakery visit. Classes are conducted at the institute involving theory input and practical laboratory teaching. The subjects covered are Bakery and Patisserie, Hygiene, Nutrition, Equipment Maintenance as well as Costing. Students are tested through internal assessment tests and term end examinations.